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MAVERICK is a collaborative research programme that explores the potential of wearable devices and smartphone devices to help measure and predict clinical outcomes in PTSD and cannabis use.

MAVERICK app was developed by the King's Centre for Military Health Research with funding support from the UK Medical Research Council, Forces in Mind Trust and US National Institute of Health. The app has been designed to collect self-reported questionnaires, sensor  and wearable data via Apple Health and Google Fit frameworks.


Below is a set of common questions asked about the MAVERICK app.

Who has access to my data?

Only those involved in managing MAVERICK have access to personally identifiable data. We will not share personally identifiable data with anyone outside the research team. If we need to share any data to a third-party we will contact you to gain explicit consent.

What information are we collecting

We are interested in collecting information related to your mental health and physical activity. We use this information to conduct our research. We collect the following groups of data:

  • App analytics: We use Google Analytics to understand how you use MAVERICK. We do not collect any unique identifiers related to your device, location or wifi networks.
  • Self-reported data: Users can provide data related to mental health. Users can decline to provide self-reported data and there is no requirement for it to be submitted.
  • Physical activity: Users can provide consent for MAVERICK to access Apple Health and Google Fit data. Providing access physical activity optional. You are able to check your choice at any time via the app

You can change which data group you share with us via MAVERICK at any time.

We operate a data minimisation policy. This means we only collect enough data to enable us to deliver the MAVERICK service.

Can I delete my data?

You can withdraw from the study and delete your data at any time by visiting the 'Account' page within the app. This will allow you to either withdraw from the study or withdraw and delete your data.

Do you have a privacy policy?

We are currently undertaking multiple studies using the MAVERICK app. You can read the main privacy policy here.

I have another question?

Please send an email to Dr Daniel Leightley.

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