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June 2023 (credit: The Voices of War)
May 2023 (credit: BFBS, Richard Hatch)
PTSD and Covid-19: How to manage and minimise trauma responses to the coronavirus pandemic
In this episode of Covid Matters, we speak to Professor Neil Greenberg (@profngreenberg), an academic, occupational & forensic psychiatrist and Professor...
February 2022 (credit: Covid Aid)


Porton Down study finds test veterans have 6% higher mortality rate
A study finds military veterans tested in the 1960s were more likely to experience an earlier death.
May 2023
‘New smartphone app helps to cut alcohol consumption in UK Army veterans’
Dr Miriam Stoppard writes on a new app designed to help people control their drinking - and says it has been shown to support war veterans who are at particular risk of alcoholism
August 2022
Joining Military Under 18 Does Not Increase Risk Of PTSD, Studies Find
The new research found little evidence that early recruitment is associated with an adverse impact on long-term mental health.
April 2021
What mental health impact of second world war tells us about post-Covid life
‘Blitz spirit’ may have brushed over issues and pandemic comes with other problems, experts say
December 2020
Depression and binge-drinking more common among military spouses and partners
New research suggests the partners of UK military personnel may experience greater levels of depression and binge-drinking compared to women in the general population.
October 2019
Female Military Spouses More Likely To Binge Drink, Research Suggests
Researchers also found that binge-drinking was significantly higher when families were separated for more than two months.
September 2019
The long echo of WW2 trauma
The upbeat post-war mood helped mask the scale of PTSD, but the trauma of WW2 may still be affecting families today.
June 2019
Moral injury: violating your ethical code can damage mental health – new research
A recent review found moral injury was experienced by a wide range of people in different professions, including journalists, police, teachers and soldiers.
April 2019
17% of British combat veterans report PTSD symptoms, study finds | CNN
Of current and former members of the British military, rates of post-traumatic stress disorder are highest among combat veterans who recently left the service, a new study finds.
October 2018


CAIS Webinar Recording 02 03 21 Dr. Daniel Leightley
USC CAIS Webinar - Drinks: Ration: Managing Alcohol Misuseby Automation by Daniel Leightley
March 2021
The Fear Factor: life as a military epidemiologist
Nicola Fear’s inaugural lecture.
April 2018
Hearts and minds: perceptions of the military across countries
This event took place 16 June 2015, examining the British, American, Canadian, Australian and French publics’ perceptions and misperceptions about the milita...
June 2015

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